How to Find Press On Nail Size

How to Find Press On Nail Size


In recent years, the popularity of press on nails has grown tremendously in the beauty industry. As we know, nails play a major role in your overall appearance and press on nails are an excellent option to complete your fabulous look in only minutes. Many people, professionals, celebrities, content creators, social media influencers and more are wearing press on nails as a way to upgrade their nail look. Many people are also discovering that they can enjoy the convenience of applying stylish nails themselves anywhere, anytime in just minutes. Not only are luxury press on nails convenient, but it also offers and provides a natural salon look. The application is quick, easy, and simple while providing a beautiful finish. With the high quality, luxury nails from Shaye Glam Nails, no one would believe you are wearing press on nails.

One of the most asked questions people have when ordering luxury press on nails is “how can I size my press on nails?” Determining the right nail size is essential when wearing press on nails because it determines how long the nails last. If you are wearing the wrong press on nail sizes, whether it’s too large or too small for your natural nail bed, you may experience issues such as nails popping off when you least expect it. That is why nail prep and finding the correct press on nail size is significant for proper wear.

There are multiple different ways to find your size for press on nails. Shaye Glam Nail offers various easy ways to size your press on nails.

Look below at the easy ways and options to determine how to find your press on nails sizes for the perfect fit.


When ordering press on nails, you have the option to choose general nail sizes. These general nail sizes include extra large, large, medium, small and extra small. The general sizes are assigned specific press on nails sizes to fit each category. View the general nail sizing chart below as a reference.

The general nail sizes are determined by the size of your natural nail bed. For example, if you know you have medium nail bed sizes, you can select the medium size when placing an order. Selecting general nail sizes will require you to assess your natural nail bed size without any form of nail enhancements and select which size will fit you. Please keep in mind, this option does vary from different press on nail shops so if you shop with different press on nail providers be sure to check their measurements. Although choosing general nail sizes is a great way to find your press on nail sizes, it is important to also keep in mind that general/standard sizes offered may not guarantee accurate sizes for your unique nail size. Please keep this in mind and choose at your discretion.



Receiving a press on nail sizing kit is the most accurate way to size your nails for a press on nails set. With the press on nail sizing kit, you select your desired nail shape and place each numbered nail against your natural nail to determine the perfect fit. Ensure that the press on nail size fits your natural nail length and width for a comfort, precise fit. You will need to measure all 10 nails during this process. If you prefer press on nails in multiple, different nail shapes, it is highly recommended that you order a sizing kit for each different shape as the sizes may differ per shape. Receive the Nail Sizing Kit first to find your sizes, then your nail set will be shipped afterwards. This will be a 2-step process. Press on sizing kit must be purchased with a full press on nail set. Sizing kits must also be measured on natural nails for accurate sizing; no acrylics or any form of nail enhancements. Select "Need Sizing Kit" as the Nail Size when ordering from product page. The sizing kit will ship to you first. When you receive the kit, measure your nails then email this shop with your sizes and order #. Following that, the press on nail set you ordered will ship without any additional shipping fee. Always keep a record of your sizes for future press on nail sets you will order. Since the sizing kit provides accurate sizes, you will only need to do this once; unless you change your nail shape because various nail shapes may slightly vary and fit differently.


The 30 nail bundle sets are an excellent way and great alternative to determine your press on nails without the 2 step sizing kit process. If you need luxury press on nails now, without going through the 2 step sizing kit process, the 30 nail bundle sets include everything you need. The 30 press on nail bundles are premade and ready to ship. The 30 press on nail bundles also include all nail sizes from 0-9. With this nail bundle, you will receive all nail sizes and can measure your nail size instantly. After you find your sizes, write it and keep them for future orders. In addition to this bundle including 30 press on nails, you’ll never have to worry about losing a nail because there are replacements. This nail bundle can last for several weeks to months depending on your lifestyle. The 30 press on nail bundles are available in various nail shapes and lengths. To order the 30 nail bundle set that includes all press on nail sizes, select “Bundle Nail Sets” or simply click here.

Overall, press on nails are an excellent solution for changing your nail look. To ensure you get long lasting results while wearing press on nails, it is important to ensure you are wearing the correct press on nail size.

Shaye Glams Nails provide luxurious, instant ready to wear press on nails with a salon look. Whether you’re looking for a French or bling nail style, Shaye Glams Nails offers a wide range of press on nails to fit your style in various nail sizes, shapes and lengths.

Now that you know how to size press on nails, you are ready for glamorous instant wear nails delivered to you. Explore and shop luxury press on nails here!


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