Find Your Press On Nail Size

There are different ways to find your size for press on nails. Please choose an option below that works best for you:

  1. General Sizes
  2. Sizing Kit
  3. Bundle Sets

See Below.

General Sizes: Select from the general nail sizes offered from the shop: extra large, large, medium, small and extra small. This will require you to assess your natural nail bed size and select which size will fit you. The size options (extra large, large, medium, small, extra small) are general/standard sizes offered by the shop which may not guarantee accurate sizes for your unique nail size. Please keep this in mind and choose at your discretion.

Nail Sizing Kit: Receive the Nail Sizing Kit first to find your sizes, then your nail set will be shipped afterwards. Press on sizing kit must be purchased with a full press on nail set. Sizing kits must also be measured on natural nails for accurate sizing; no acrylics or any form of nail enhancements. Select "Need Sizing Kit" as Nail Size when ordering from product page. The sizing kit will ship to you first. LIMIT: You may receive up to 3 different shapes for the sizing kit in this process. Requesting additional shapes will require an extra fee. $5 per additional kit. 

When you receive the kit, measure your nails then email this shop with your sizes and order #. Following that, the press on nail set you ordered will ship without any additional shipping fee for U.S orders. International orders may have to pay additional shipping fees for this process. International orders must select "USPS Standard International (sizing kit needed)" at checkout for this process.

Always keep a record of your sizes. All sales are final; this process must be completed.


    Ready to Ship Bundle Set Ready to Ship Bundles are ready made press on nails and include all sizes. With this bundle, you receive nails and your sizes instantly without the 2 step sizing kit process. After you find your sizes, keep them for future orders. Click Here to order Ready to Ship bundles. 1 Free Sizing Kit included with bundle for selected shape for 1st order.