Applying Press On Nails with Nail Glue

Applying Press On Nails with Nail Glue

Press on nails are incredible and very popular! If you’re not wearing today’s press on nails, you may be missing out big time! It’s changed the nail game and has become a great salon alternative. Remember when it used to be so OBVIOUS you were wearing the drug store press ons? Remember those super thin, fragile press on nails? Not anymore. Today’s press on nails are giving realistic salon looks. A person wouldn’t even know you are wearing press on nails because they look so realistic. Some of your favorite celebrities are wearing press on nails as a way to get instant nails and to save time. Guess what? Even some your favorite celebs wore press on nail from this shop! Press on nails from our shop at Shaye Glam Nails are natural looking, high quality with salon results. Now let’s talk about press on nail application.


When applying press on nails there are two main ways: nail glue or nail adhesive tabs. Now, you may wonder what’s the difference between nail glue and nail adhesive tabs? See below for the differences.


In contrast, if you desire a short-term wear and do not want the press on nails on for too long, nail adhesive tabs are a great alternative. Application with nail adhesive tabs can last 1-2 days depending on your lifestyle and nail prep.


Nail glue is used if you desire a more long-term wear. With proper nail prep and application, press on nails applied with nail glue can last 2+ weeks and longer. 


Here are the following reasons to apply press on nails with nail glue:

  • Instant nails and manicure in minutes
  • Easy to use and apply
  • Easy to remove safely
  • Instant salon results
  • Long Term Wear: press on nails correctly applied with nail glue can last 2+ weeks. Most clients even state your press on nails stay on longer than that.
  • Since nail glue has a super strong hold, you can perform many of your daily tasks without any issues or nails popping off

Overall, if you want press on nails to stay on longer similarly to the salon, nail glue is a great option. 

How to Apply Press On Nails with Nail Glue:

  • Thoroughly wash and dry your hands
  • Trim and file your nails is recommended
  • Buff your nails with a nail buffer. You want to buff your nails to create a texture and surface that the nail glue can adhere to. This is key to receiving long term results. Skipping this step and applying nail glue on a smooth nail surface will cause the press ons to quickly fall off.
  • Rub alcohol wipe or pure acetone on your nail. This is another key step. You want your nail beds to be dry without any oils or residue so that press on nails can stay on. Press ons will not last of your nail beds are oily or have moisture. Nail dehydrator is optional.
  • Begin to apply press on nails starting with your pinky. Appl press on nails to your thumbs last for better application. This is recommended.
  • Apply an appropriate amount of nail glue to the press on nail and your nail bed.
  • Apply press on nail to your natural nail and hold for 10-20 seconds; the longer you hold the better. 
  • Continue this process for each nail.
  • Done!

 See video below from our Instagram.



Removing Press On Nails Applied with Nail Glue:

When you’re ready to remove your press on nails applied with nail glue, simply soak in your hands in warm water and hand soap. Adding cuticle is a great bonus to help loosen the press on nails while also keeping your natural nails moisturized and healthy. The press on nails will easily and safely pop off as you continue to soak. You can also use a cuticle pusher to help lift the nails. Please keep in mind this process requires PATIENCE. Take your time during this process and do not rush it. Of course, never forcefully remove press on nails. Allow the water to do the job of loosening the nails.

Soaking your nails in pure acetone is also an option. However, soaking off your press on nails in pure acetone will destroy your nail sets and you will not be able to reuse them. It’s always a bit of messy process. In addition, pure acetone can also make your hands and nails extremely dry. Soaking nails in soap water is an overall recommended option as you are able to save your nails while also maintaining the health of your natural nails.

Now that you know how to apply press on nails with nail glue, you can order your press on nail sets today. Our shop offers 10 or 24 press on nails, as well as Back Nails for a bonus. Shop Now. 

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