About Us

Shaye Glam Nails provide quality, luxurious, and glamorous press on nails with salon results. Press on nails from our shop are handmade, very high quality, strong and prepared using only the best products. These press ons are very natural looking once properly applied so you get amazing salon results! The goal and priority to provide you with high quality nails as well as satisfying service.

This shop provide luxurious press on nails handcrafted with high quality professional products. Experience instant, long lasting and durable glamorous nails delivered to you. Easily apply these luxury nails anytime, anywhere in minutes to give you natural, salon quality results. Complete your fabulous look and grab everyone's attention with 5-Star press on nails.

These nails are ready to wear meaning you only have to apply with nail glue or tabs; no extra work required.

This shop offers 10, 20 and 30 nail sets.

This website is a safe and secure way for you to shop online for ready to wear nails.

This shop offer a wide range of luxury nails in various designs, sizes, shapes and lengths to meet your needs. 

Our press on nails last 1-2+ weeks with proper care, application and depends on your lifestyle or how rough you are with hands. 

Shop Collection contains Made to Order nail sets.

Ready to Ship sets are also available in the shop.

Benefits of Ordering Press Ons with Shaye Glam Nails:

  • High Quality - these are not the stereotypical weak, filmsy press on nails. Our press ons are very durable and high quality with salon-like results. These press ons are also very natural looking when applied properly. You will receive compliments everywhere you go with these press ons! See client reviews on our IG storylight here!
  • Long Lasting - when applied properly these press ons can last 1-2++ weeks! Yass! Please keep in mind this also depends on how rough you are with your hands like with most nail enhancements. 
  • Freedom - you are free to change nail styles anytime you want! There are no limits. You want blue nails today but feel like yellow the next day? Place an order! 
  • Healthy Nails - worried about your natural nails? Don’t be! Press ons do not damage your natural nails, however, forcefully removing them may have an impact. Never forcefully remove press ons! Simply soak your nails in warm water with hand soap and cuticle oil. Let the press ons loosen while soaking. This requires PATIENCE. Again, never forcefully remove press on nails. 
  • Customize - you can customize existing nail sets, such as color changes,  by adding a note at checkout. Please keep in mind adding bling or certain designs may be an additional fee and you will be notified if so.
  • Convenient – get a instant glam look for your nails. All you have to do is place an order online. Sit back and let the glam come directly to you! Let our shop do all the work for you! 

The benefits don’t stop! See for yourself. For questions, feel free to contact the shop, thank you! Place your orders today!

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