How to Use Press On Nail Sizing Kit

How to Use Press On Nail Sizing Kit

Easy to use! Measure your own nails to find your press on nail size using this sizing kit. This size kit will include a total of 10 nails ranging from all sizes 0-9 (each nail will be labeled). 

Press on sizing kit must be measured on natural nails for accurate sizing; no acrylics or any form of nail enhancements.  

The purpose of this order is strictly for measuring your natural nails to determine your custom press on nail size. After measuring, order any full set and leave your sizes at checkout.  

Please keep in mind nails in a full set will be more sturdy and stronger than nails in the kit. This kit is only used to find the best size and fit. 




To use the nail size kit, please place each numbered press on nail on your natural nail to determine the best fit. Your nails must be in its natural state without any form of enhancements such as acrylics.

Example: Place #0 nail on your thumb to measure the size. If #0 fits your nail perfect from side to side, record #0 as the size of your thumb. If #0 is too large, go to nail #1 and repeat. If it fits perfect from side to side, write #1 as the size for the thumb in the provided chart. If not, move on to the next nail. Continue this process for each of your fingers with each numbered press on.

After recording your sizes for all 10 fingernails, always provide them when ordering. See video below from our Instagram. 






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