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Sweetie Glam Press On Nails

Sweetie Glam Press On Nails

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Transform your nails into stunning works of art with Sweetie Glam Press On Nails. Get ready to turn heads and feel confident with these glamorous nails!

Achieve a glamorous look with luxury press on nails. Enjoy the comfort & convenience of salon quality ready to wear nails delivered to you. Easily apply these instant ready to wear nails anywhere, anytime in minutes with nail glue or nail tabs to give you fabulous salon results.

  • Include 10 press on nails and 1 prep kit per order
  • Extra Long Duck in photos
  • Trimming natural nails is recommended. Please wear with care and caution due to encapsulated liquid

How to Order

To order, please select your nail size, shape and length.

You, as the customer, are responsible for providing correct information, nail sizes, shapes and lengths when ordering.

When selecting Custom Size, please always provide a detailed note of each nail size.

How to Apply

Nail Glue Application
1. Wash hands with hand soap and dry thoroughly.

2. Lightly trim and file your natural nails so it will look natural under press ons. (recommended)

3. Lightly buff natural nails with nail buffer.

4. Use alcohol wipes on natural nails to further clean, dry and remove any excess oils. Your natural nails need to be dry for proper hold.

5. Gently push cuticles back with cuticle pusher. (optional)

Start applying press ons with pinky nails first. Then apply press ons on the thumbs last for better application. (recommended)

6. Apply a fair amount of nail glue to your nail and/or the back of the press on nail (cover all sides where the nail will be placed) and apply to your natural nail. Ensure your nails are fully covered. Hold with slight pressure for 30 seconds. 

Apply a fair amount of cuticle oil to your cuticles for moisture. (optional)

Nail Adhesive Tab Application

Since adhesive tabs are for short term wear, you do not need to buff your nails. Ensure your hands are clean and nail beds are thoroughly dry.

Apply tabs on your natural nail or the back of press on nail and peel off the film.

Apply to your natural nail with slight pressure and hold for 30 seconds. Ensure your nails are fully covered.

Customers are responsible for properly applying and removing press ons. This shop is not reliable if clients incorrectly applies or removes press ons.

Find Your Size

There are different ways to find your size for press on nails. Please choose an option below that works best for you:

  1. General Sizes
  2. 20 Nail Sets
  3. 30 Nail Sets | Ready to Ship 

See Below.

General Sizes:

  • Select from the general nail sizes offered from the shop: extra large, large, medium, small and extra small.
  • This will require you to assess your natural nail bed size and select which size will fit you. 
  • The size options (extra large, large, medium, small, extra small) are general/standard sizes offered by the shop which may not guarantee accurate sizes for your unique nail size. Please keep this in mind and choose at your discretion.

20 Nail Set: 

  • Get a guarantee fit with 20 nail set. Perfect for first time shoppers that do not know their sizes.
  • This nail set include 20 press on nail sizes 0-9 for perfect and custom fit.
  • Click here for 20 Nail Set collection.
  • If there is a nail set you would like to make a 20 nail bundle, contact the shop.
  • 1 Free Sizing Kit included for 1st order. Measure your nails using the sizing kit & keep a record of it for future orders. Sizing kits must also be measured on natural nails for accurate sizing; no acrylics or any form of nail enhancements. You may receive up to 3 different shapes for the sizing kit in this process. Requesting additional shapes will require an extra fee. $5 per additional kit.

30 Nail Set | Ready to Ship

  • Get a guarantee fit with 30 nail set. Ready to Ship Bundles are ready made press on nails and include all sizes.
  • With this bundle, you receive nails and your sizes instantly without the 2 step sizing kit process.
  • After you find your sizes, keep them for future orders. Click Here to order Ready to Ship bundles. 1 Free Sizing Kit included for 1st order.





Shape & Length Chart

When ordering, please keep in mind different nail shapes may not fit the same. Sizing kits are recommended. Also please keep in mind designs may differ depending on your selected nail size, shape and length.



Sizing Chart

Shipping Policy

Orders will take 5-7 business days to ship. Orders are shipped on business days only; Monday - Friday. (not weekends or holidays) You will receive an email confirmation with the tracking information and details when your order is ready to ship. 

U.S domestic orders are shipped through USPS or UPS. (select at checkout)

International orders will ship through USPS, UPS or DHL (see shipping rates at checkout). Clients are responsible for any custom/import fees.

For urgent orders, quicker and faster processing, Express Shipping will have to be purchased which includes Priority shipping and is processed in 24-72 hours.    Click Here.

When an order is shipped, the shop is not responsible for any damaged products, lost packages, delivery delays or missing items that occurs during transit while in the possession of the shipping carrier. Please contact the shipping carrier directly.

When placing an order, you agree to the shop policies, shipping policies, required processing and shipping time. Orders will not be cancelled once it is placed. Please order precisely. Thank you for understanding.


Click Here for Extras including nail glue, nail prep kit and more.

Express Shipping

Click Here for Express Shipping.


Click Here for FAQs.


Benefits of Ordering Press Ons with Shaye Glam Nails:

  • High Quality - these are not the stereotypical weak, filmsy press on nails. Our press ons are very durable and high quality with salon-like results. These press ons are also very natural looking when applied properly. You will receive compliments everywhere you go with these press ons! See client reviews on our IG storylight here!
  • Long Lasting - when applied properly these press ons can last 1-2++ weeks! Yass! Please keep in mind this also depends on how rough you are with your hands like with most nail enhancements. 
  • Freedom - you are free to change nail styles anytime you want! There are no limits. You want blue nails today but feel like yellow the next day? Place an order! 
  • Healthy Nails - worried about your natural nails? Don’t be! Press ons do not damage your natural nails, however, forcefully removing them may have an impact. Never forcefully remove press ons! Simply soak your nails in warm water with hand soap and cuticle oil. Let the press ons loosen while soaking. This requires PATIENCE. Again, never forcefully remove press on nails. 
  • Customize - you can customize existing nail sets, such as color changes, by adding a note at checkout. Please keep in mind adding bling or certain designs may be an additional fee and you will be notified if so.
  • Convenient – get a instant glam look for your nails. All you have to do is place an order online. Sit back and let the glam come directly to you! Let our shop do all the work for you! 

The benefits don’t stop! See for yourself. For questions, feel free to contact the shop, thank you! 


Made with quality gel and/or acrylic. If you have acrylic complications and prefer gel only, please specify in your order

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