Shop Policies

All sales are final. Returns, refunds, exchanges and/or cancellations are not accepted.

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When placing an order, you understand and agree to the shop policies, required processing and shipping time. Orders will not be cancelled once it is placed. Please order precisely.

When placing an order, you understand and agree you know how to properly apply and/or remove press on nails.

This shop is not responsible for any error(s) made by the client when placing an order. Errors include but not limited to incorrect shipping address, nail size, nail shape, nail length and other.

All clients are held responsible for providing the correct nail shape, size and length upon ordering. This shop is not liable or at fault if you select and/or provide the incorrect nail shape, size and length. Please choose precisely. A nail size and sample kit is sold separately in the shop.

This shop is not liable or at fault if you provide an incorrect shipping address. Please ensure all order information is correct.

If you have custom requests, please contact the shop first to receive confirmation.

Any custom changes/requests (sizes, color, shape, etc) must be provided at the time of ordering. Changes provided after ordering are not guaranteed to take effect. Please confirm and verify all order details are correct prior to submitting your order to prevent shipping delays. 

If you have medical issues with your finger or toe nails, consult your physician first for approval. This shop is not reliable if you incorrectly apply or remove press on nails.

Apply on clean nails only. Never forcefully remove press on nails. To remove, soak in soap and warm water.

The shop is not responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply.