Where are you located?

How can I find my size?
Please click here to learn how to find your size.

How long do the nails last?
The nails can last 1-2++ weeks or more depending on how you apply them and how rough you are with hands. Nail tabs are used for a temporary wear, while nail glue is more long term.

How long will it take for my order to ship?
Please view the Shipping policy here.

What is your cancellation, refund, return policy?
Please view the Shop policy here.

I need nails ASAP! What’s the fastest way to get an express order?
For faster shipping, the please add the Rush Order service to your cart here.

How can I apply the press ons?
Please click here.

How can I remove press ons?
**Never forcefully remove press on nails**
You can soak your nails in warm water with hand soap and cuticle oil. Soak until nails loosen. This process requires patience so please take your time, do not force and be gentle.*

If nail glue was used, wait several days before trying to remove nails.

As you continue to soak, the nails will loosen and fall off. Using a wooden cuticle stick is optional to help remove nails as it soaks, but never by force. Use cuticle oil to moisturize and nourish your natural nails when fully removed.

Do you offer wholesale?
This shop currently does not offer wholesale.

Are the press on nails handmade?
Yes, all nail sets from this shop are handmade.

Are the press on nails reusable?
Yes, all nail sets from this shop are reusable.

I love my nail set! But I broke and/or lost a nail. What can I do? Replacement nails are only available for nail sets purchased within 6 months from the original order date of the same year.

Replacement nails only qualify for press on nail sets purchased in the same year. Clients will have to purchase a complete new press on nail set if ordered in the previous year(s).

Please contact the shop via email, info@shayeglamnails.com or send DM with order details. You will receive a link and instructions to order a replacement. Link will expire in 24 hours.

Can I customize a nail set?
Yes! You are welcome to make changes to existing nail sets such as change of color and etc. To do so, leave a note a checkout. Please keep in mind any additional bling or designs may be an additional fee. You will be notified if so.

For additional questions, please contact info@shayeglamnails.com